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YORStory Storytelling Inspiration

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About Us

YORStory brings the best storytelling inspiration and ideas from James McSill, Rachel McCormack and Beverley Varley into one space away from the noise of everyday social media

James McSill  - International author, coach and mentor.

Rachel McCormack - British writer, published by Simon & Schuster, BBC radio and television broadcaster and public speaker.

Beverley Varley - YORStory Director Storytelling for business growth and change specialist. 

Our collaboration brings together collective global experience spanning over 100 years and we are offering it to you in the YORStory community for free. Come and join us!

Why join us

We will bring you the golden threads woven into good storytelling based on many years' experience of helping others write for business and pleasure. 

We are asking you to join us and help create a community of like-minded people, who, along with us, can help you achieve your writing goals to: 

  • finally, finish that novel
  • nail that business story
  • get the right structure for your history or biography; or
  • write your first screenplay, tv-series, or even an opera.

The list is endless and we have specifically created this space to support your writing success.   

A huge bonus for the YORStory community is our live conversations with successful writers and authors from across the globe.  They have been carefully selected by us to cover a wide range of topics and genres to enrich your writing experience, and all available for free. 

Explore our live online events and RSVP to book your place.

You will be updated through newsletters, posts, and alerts on upcoming events and our recommendations to help you take your stories to heights you didn't think possible.

And if that wasn't enough, live mentoring through a 3-hour zoom space will be available to monthly subscribers to THE WORKS. As part of our launch month, we are giving everyone a free month to experience all the live events usually only reserved for paying members of THE WORKS. So join for free while you can. 

To top it all, there will be live online panel Q&A sessions where we will be cultivating a community for learning and growth. 

Every question will be an opportunity to break down barriers and overcome challenges to achieve great storytelling in your writing. We will get there together!

Don't worry, you will never miss out on anything! All Golden Hour live online workshops will be recorded and newsletters will be available for 48 hours to access at your leisure. 

Don't miss out.....come along and join us!

a BIG thank you!

We are thanking you in advance for your participation and heartfelt contributions. We are all passionate about our writing and storytelling.  Thanks for making the YORStory community great. 

Let's thrive together.....the world is a smaller place by sharing.


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