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YORStory Storytelling Inspiration

Welcome to YORStory

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What is YORStory about?

Come and join our global storytelling community!

YORStory was created as an online global community far away from algorithms and adverts to help you work, play and learn with inspiration about all matters storytelling.

Our aim is to help you make the most of your storytelling experience, whether for business or pleasure and connect you with like-minded friends and colleagues from across the world. 

Our lives are naturally filled with stories whether it is by using language and symbols like gestures, music, or numbers. We can tell stories in so many ways and for so many reasons. In business, we say, “He who tells the best story wins”. So, what’s your story and how can you best tell it with our help and support. 

We are here to inspire you with experience, knowledge, and opportunities by connecting you to a global community of equally passionate storytellers.

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How can YORStory help you succeed?

YORStory THE WORKS also the home of Writing Retreat Tuesdays and much more.

Come and write with us! 

Starts at 19:00 London Time and ends 21:00 London time, every Tuesday we invite you to our virtual writing retreat. With the pressures of working from home or home-schooling this is a two-hour weekly space to enable you to join in with others, set yourself some goals and just write for a couple of hours to progress your writing projects. Mentoring happens once a month through panel discussions with the experts. 

YORStory  THE WORKS will host other free and low-cost events and support only to subscribed members. So if you want that little bit extra on an exclusive basis, join our paid plan. Normally priced at $10.99 per month we are offering everyone their first month free to see how it works.  

Golden Hour Wednesdays

Come and learn with us! 

We offer a free bi-monthly Golden Hour live talk on a Wednesday with expert guests from across the globe on all aspects of storytelling, writing, and associated topics like publishing, marketing, and branding to name a few. The time varies because we have interesting guests from around the globe and we are catering to their time zone but what you can be sure of is that it happens every second Wednesday. If you miss a live Golden Hour Wednesday, you can catch up on our YouTube channel and join us for live events, participate live and ask questions on topics that interest and inspire you. 

YORStory Thursdays

Come and enjoy a fun night out, but in with us! 

A great night out, in. Usually takes place from 18:00 to 21: 00 UK Time but can vary depending on which part of the world the guest presenter is talking from. We have asked some of the best people involved in the food and drink industry from across the globe today to run some great fun courses from whisky tasting, to choux pastry making to traditional Trinidadian cooking and just perfecting your recipes while cooking.

We are continually updating the experiences you can enjoy with our global chefs and drink experts. So, see what takes your fancy by clicking on this link. 

YORStory Special Global Events

The YORStory Festival on World Storytelling 
Day 20 March to 21 March 2021 

This is going to be BIG. We are connecting with other groups and organisations celebrating this special day from across the world. We aim to have each inhabited continent represented and the theme of the festival is Plain English Language. Reserve your place now to get advance notices by signing up for free.

YORStory Resources

Catch-up in your own time!

There is also a plethora of materials, videos and resources available in our back-catalogue and you can also catch-up on our YouTube Channel if you missed any of our free events.

YORStory Rewards

Earn bonuses and rewards!

Our rewards programme will give you access to THE WORKS for free for 6 months plus mentoring time with our coaches to support your writing. So the more people you invite to join YORStory, the more rewards you can achieve. So don't be afraid to invite your friends, family and colleagues to join. There are bonuses to enjoy!

YORStory Global Connect

Come and make friends and be part of the YORStory family

And last but by no means least, come and make new friends and colleagues all motivated and bound together by telling stories.

Start by choosing the free plan to access everything!

Who are we?

YORStory was founded by Beverley Varley, entrepreneur and business growth specialist, and Rachel McCormack, author of Chasing the Dram and BBC Radio 4 Broadcaster on The Kitchen Cabinet . Our specialist storytelling associate is James McSill of McSill Story Studios. Between us, we have over 100 years of valuable global storytelling experience to share with you. 

a BIG thank you!

We are thanking you in advance for your help and participation in making our global community so vibrant and inspirational. It could not be happening without you all. We hope you enjoy your experience with us. We look forward to hearing and sharing our stories together. 

Welcome to global storytelling with YORStory!

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